Spiritual Coaching

Ann Sousa is the founder of Healing the Global Village, LLC (HGV) and the owner of the Global Firewalk Institute, LLC (GFI.) Through HGV, Ann has been spiritually coaching and mentoring spiritual entrepreneurs, teachers, healers, and practitioners for many years. Her gifts allow you to align with your gifts and bring your highest-level self to the world. In GFI, Ann reaches the corporate world, large groups, instructors, and Global Elite Firewalk Trainers through the power of firewalking.

Ann is an initiated Elder, Minister, Yoga Teacher, a licensed Tantra Massage Therapist/Teacher, a Remote Astral Healing, and a Tantra Massage Certified Therapist with the Somanada Tantra School (STS.) She is a Shamanic Practitioner, Diviner, and has studied Indigenous Medicine from Shamans around the world and initiated in African, Peruvian, Brazilian, Coastal Rican, and India culture traditions, rituals, pujas and ceremonies.

Ann has traveled and learned sacred teachings from Indigenous Grandmothers from several Native cultures over the past 35 years and one of Ann’s greatest teachers was her own mother, who taught Ann from the young age of 8, the importance of caring for the sick and dying. Ann was raised to always honor and respect the “ELDERS” in her village.

Through Healing the Global Village, LLC (HGV), Ann offers many virtual practices, courses, sessions, and apprenticeships such as: astral healing, yoga, remote tantra massage, quantum, shamanic, and divinations. It is the mission of Healing the Global Village to elevate and heal individuals so they may go forth and bring transformation to their communities and the globe to create worldwide healing.

The Global Firewalk Institute, LLC (GFI) offers healing through the power of the element of fire and perception and view of how fire is directly connected to our life force, Prana, NUM, CHI of a person and their vitality to subtler realms on conscious manifestations. GFI offers several levels and sacred “rites of passage’’ and opportunities for transformations that will develop one’s heart, mind, and soul while on your path and purpose to your soulful self as you strive towards a higher level of consciousness.

Both of these movements came through Ann after a lifetime of self-work and healing. She has been studying these modalities for over 20 years. She has visited and traveled with many Indigenous Shamans, Elders, Hindu Natives of India, Swamie’s and Priests, the indigenous Grandmother, and medicine men and women from around the world.

Through these travels, Ann has created a global family network that allows her to offer sacred tours including international spiritual retreats to India, Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil. Participants in these retreats work directly with indigenous Tribes and Peoples and the medicine within the cultures. Through each trip, you learn directly from the sources with hands-on experience and the wonderfully magical stories and ancient rituals, puja’s, and practices of the culture’s traditions, that they so graciously share with you.

It is through the master teachers of the Somananda Tantra School that the authentic teachings of yoga and tantra fully became alive for her in mind and spine. Ann did a 260 hour Tantra Hatha Yoga Level 1 teachers course in India in August 2018. That course led her to a culture, country, and connection that she frequently connects with and visits still to this day. Ann lived there for nine months with a Hindu family and studied the culture and practices of puja’s and sacred rituals in-depth and was taken to many ashrams, temples, and various priests and swami.

These offerings are each only piece of what makes up Ann and Healing the Global Village. Wherever you are on your path, there is something for you here. Not all of these pieces are right for every person. If something here is speaking to you, if you feel called to explore what may be next for your journey, Ann can help. As Ann says, “Come, Let’s Take A Walk.”

Watch for Ann’s upcoming book, “It’s Not About Good, Bad, Right, or Wrong. It’s About Alignment.” By The Divine Source and Ann Sousa