Spiritual Coaching

As a spiritual teacher, I love helping people bring their gifts to the forefront. The time is Now more than ever in the world. It’s time for self-healing, empowerment through a core reset from the compliance minded model to ownership and freedom from the root-cause of your thoughts, words and actions.

These bring forth patterns, behaviors and plant the seeds of karma and can also have reason why we have certain programming from our core beliefs, values and norms of our ancestral loyalties. These loyalties also run deep in us from systems, educations structure and paradigms.

In my personal spiritual and Global work over the past 30 years I have traveled, studied and been initiated into the cultures of Shamans from Africa, Peru, Costa Rica, Indigenous Grandmothers of Hopi, Guatemala and lived with a Native Hindu Culture and People of India for nine month. Each experience has initiated and me and I practiced and lived their daily way of life with various puja, prayers, rituals, I feel blessed to have lived from a very young age with a ritual mindedness and up bringing my entire life.

I consider myself a metaphysical teacher, because I have had teaching from age 8 of the way of the shaman, from my mother who was a very prayerful, ritual and God conscious, person not from religion but more in a way of building relationships to the prayer, rituals, and the synergy of energies of the people and community we lived in. I am Ritualist, Elder, Diviner, Global Firewalk Master, Spiritual Mentor-Development Expert, Mentor and Speaker and most of all I am ready to be of service to you.