Certified GFI Instructors

Looking for a Certified Firewalk Instructor for your event?  Below is a directory of GFI Firewalk Instructors from all around the country.  If you are interested in booking a firewalk instructor for your event, email anncestorsousa@gmail.com for information and availability. 


Ann Sousa Firewalk Trainer

Ann Sousa, Master Firewalk Trainer, Founder of GFI

Amy Breggy firewalk instructor

Amy Breggy
Global Firewalk Instructor
Berwick, ME

Sage Moffitt firewalk instructor

Sage Moffitt
Global Firewalk Instructor
Windham, CT

Christy firewalk instructor

Christy (Tink)
Global Firewalk Instructor
Plymouth, NH

matooka moonbear firewalk instructor

Matooka Moonbear
Global Firewalk Instructor
Alfred, ME

Jason firewalk instructor

Global Firewalk Instructor
South Hadley, MA

Michael firewalk instructor

Global Firewalk Instructor
Bayfield, WI

The Global Firewalk Institute has certified firewalk instructors for all your needs.  Our instructors look forward to leading your next firewalk event.