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Journey with Ann on a personal healing guided by your soul’s needs and desires

2018 is the year to dream all your visions and passions through the gateways of the Spirit world & your Great I AM. Align to your own truth & ignite your Life Force Flame from within!​

Ann is an Initiated Elder, Diviner, Psychic and Intuitive Healer, Minister, Shamanic Practitioner, Holistic & Quantum Life Consultant and Tantra Massage Therapist, consult with Ann on any of lifes matters from personal, professional, business, career, relationships, emotional, spiritual and align deeper to your path and purpose.

Allow the energy of this year and Ann’s careful guidance to take you on a personal journey of transformation. Ann’s intuitive skills and years of training with energy medicine and the indigenous tribes and Shaman Teachers from Malidoma Some to the ancient Grandmothers. Ann’s lifestyle has been rooted in ritual and connection to clearing the ancestoral karma since she was a young child with her own mother who was very ritualistic. Working with Ann you will find your own empowerment, aligning deeper with your dreams, visions and passion to your Great I AM.​

Ann will address any and all of your personal and professional questions, concerns, and goals. Ann’s goal is to assist you in bringing harmonic balance to all levels of your life and being. She utilizes many techniques to bring about life-empowering transformation in the personal, professional and spiritual aspects of your life. She will assist you in tracking and resetting patterns and behaviors from your own lineage and redesigning your spiritual contracts and blue prints.​

Begin with a Divination, a root cause analysis that leads to solutions and result in accordance with your divine self and Spirit guides. During a divination Ann connects with Spirit and several other quantum laws to discover where you are now, what holds you back, where you wish to go, and the healing pathway best suited for you. She tracks karmic, past life and ancestral patterns and karma to get to the root cause for solutions and results.

Begin to transform at your own pace within the safety of Ann’s guidance. Meet anything life throws you with confidence and grace. Let go of all that holds you back and be who you truly are.

When we align with our path and purpose, there are profound shifts in our creativity and goals. Ann has seen how when we are in alignment to our own truths, the inner tracking work and depth of experience is transformational and life-changing.

Empower YOUR life today and schedule a FREE consultation with Ann to determine your next step!

Corporate Consultation

Contact Ann to transform and empower your business in the right direction for all!

This is the year to GROW… The Time is NOW!

Bring all your visions and dreams to life.