Ancestral Readings

Root Cause, Solutions, Personal, Groups and Corporate Readings

A divination is an action-oriented process to bring forth movement and results. The divining can include rituals to clear past life and family lineage karma, to bring forth an opening, clearing, and removal of blocks that have been left in place from the roots of your karma.

A divination can align you deeper into your path and purpose, create balance and harmony utilizing several properties, such as elements of Earth, Water, Fire, nature, and Mineral. Bringing forth the Spirits of the Direction, clearing old contracts and opening up new contracts.

Services will include an assessment/alignment intake to investigate the blocks that are bumping you off the road to your path and purpose. An action-oriented follow through will be utilized by Ann to assist you in opening the doorways of your authentic destiny. The divination will focus on getting to the root of these issues to bring about transformation and results.

The divination can be with Ann by video from anywhere around the world and or in person!

The goal of the divination is to assist you in activating, redesigning, releasing, resetting, aligning, elevating, anchoring, sustaining and maintaining your soul’s path.

When should I schedule a divination? NOW to get to the root of your personal, professional, family, dreams and visions to come alive in the manifestation of it all.

Why wait? Don’t ignore or delay what your soul yearns to release and set free.

Contact Ann to set up a time for your divination now!