Shifting the Grief Paradigm

One of life’s most difficult experiences is losing a loved one and how grief comes in all shapes and sizes like a divorce, loss of a job, or a relationship. It would be easier if grief was a linear process with a beginning and end. But big feelings can emerge all throughout the grieving process. While these emotions can be overwhelming, they are not permanent states. Here are some insights into the grieving process and ideas to keep in mind when you feel overwhelmed or emotionally drowning in your grief.

The old model says that grief is a five-stage process – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. But today we are realizing a new paradigm and changes in healthy ways to navigate our losses.
The old model said that you experience loss, you process the emotion, heal, and are done. But this model wasn’t realistic. How can you “let go” of someone in your life you have loved and just forget them.

A new grief model suggests giving yourself and your loved one the Grace and Space as they journey out of the body to their own consciousness to soul. You can create a continued bond that lasts by celebrating them and keeping their memories alive and also honor the living while alive. If you talk to your loved ones and feel them in your heart you can feel connected.

In addition to feeling our own Personal pain over the loss of loved ones, we harbor sorrows stemming from Communal grief that our family and friends are also experiencing in their daily life. In addition, we all live and feel the grief of the world and times we are currently living in and much of that suffering humanity is processing.

We experience daily losses all around us. The rainforest is being cut down. We are struggling with climate change. There is racism, hate, bullying, illness, poverty, and death. We struggle with past trauma. Sadly, we often struggle to forgive ourselves.

Grief comes in many forms, and when it is not expressed, it tends to harden our hearts. It is healthier and functional to release this pain on a Global, Community, and Personal level to open our hearts again and to put the grieving process within the frequency of those different levels of grief. This is the invite here, to see and know that each of these griefs is different and hold a different resonance and frequency to how it can be transformed and elevated.

If you are feeling sorrowful even though there are no recent losses in your life, then it is likely that your old grief was never fully processed from your past or you are in a community or global grief. Sometimes the emotional healing process is not limited to the time sitting and thinking about our daily life. But still, that healing is a good thing. Healing grief clears up the old conditioning that is blocking the full and free expression of our creative potential. As that old grief fades in intensity, you will feel released from your past. In the meantime, just be easy and patient with the process and know that grief doesn’t hold a timestamp.

If you feel that this rings through for you and want to explore the trilogy of the new grief paradigm from the Global and Communal to your own Personal grief I would love to have a chat with you about it.

Ann Sousa

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