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Global Firewalk Institute, LLC

The Global Firewalk Institute was born, like the phoenix, out of the ashes of 2020. However, the calling to open a global firewalk school came to Ann on July 10, 2017. When she brought her beloved wife’s body through the sacred fire in cremation, after her death on July 1, 2017, she knew. The Global Firewalk Institute (GFI) is the premier school of firewalking that sparks empowerment, initiates alignment with the anatomy of fire, creates leaders, and changes lives. GFI works with individuals, communities, and corporations around the globe. Ann Sousa, the proprietor, founded GFI in 2021.

Global Firewalk Institute
Ann Sousa

About Ann

As an elder, Ann Sousa leads her school with principled spirituality. She demonstrates a devotion to doing the inner transformational and purification work. Ann has been a firewalk instructor and has been training and initiating firewalk instructors since 2010. Her teachings include respect for fire’s ancient history and are inspired by a lifetime of various fire initiations from a young age. Indigenous Shamans, Grandmothers, and the element of fire itself have all taught Ann through her life. She has nurtured her relationship with fire and how to align it within oneself. She has learned how fire burns, transforms and moves around us in our lives and in the world. These teachings were passed down to her and initiated Ann as a “Gate Keeper” to the sacred flame of fire. In one tradition Ann was given the sacred name ISH KO DAY KWAY, meaning THE FIRE WOMAN.

Ann Sousa, The Fire Woman, instructing a firewalk training.

Firewalking History

The Global Firewalk Institute Certified Instructors and Firewalkers become a part of a network that is woven into the movement of Healing the Global Village, LLC. For over 4000 years Ancient Tribes have firewalked. It is a ritual practiced for healing, initiation, purification, transformation, transcendence, and as a rite of passage. It has been a long thread in the cultural tapestry of our planet and around the globe.

Firewalk Instructor Training

Each Firewalk Instructor Training is 5 days long, currently being held virtually, due to COVID. You will receive a comprehensive guide to preparing for a rich, full, and rewarding experience. Both Ann and your fellow instructors will become respected colleagues with whom you will become bonded and in community with long after your training has ended.

Ann Sousa, firewalking

Join the Global Movement

Ann looks forward to teaching and initiating you in the anatomy of fire. She will assist you in your leadership and teaching skills as you work with fire and become part of the global firewalk community. With your feet fully aligned in relationship with the spirit and flame of fire, you can find comfort and confidence in bringing firewalking to your community and the globe.

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“I can’t say enough about how much Ann Sousa has helped me personally…the amount of growth, shifts, expansions, activations, and initiations that I’ve had under her watch has been one of the greatest blessings of my life.”
– Carlos Perez, long time student of Ann Sousa