Grief Ritual & Deep Water Purification

grief_ritualThere is space open here to allow the clearing for yourself and your Personal, Global, Past Life and Karmic Grief. For so many we do not know why the grief is embedded in us, I have been investigating this for several years.

As a person who has been sitting with the death & dying process for 40 years since age 8 with my mother, as we bath, care and nurture those in my Ancestral bloodline who were in their dying process and a woman who went on to be a Grief Counselor and work with hospice for over 10 years in the AIDS community.

I believe with the Divine flow of Spirit there is GREAT evidence of these 4 quadrants-pillarss-directions… that will create a transformative release of grief from the depths and deep waters to purify that karmic, past life, global, and personal grief not from a place of never feeling grief again as much as a place to allow the flow of joy, happiness, peace and thriving to co-exist.


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