How Can Ownership Align Your Life?

Many people when they face a problem in life can be quick to blame others or deflect the situation.  When you face challenges, there is an ownership needed and a conscious awareness that some karma may be at hand. If you learn strategies, tools, skills to do the purification and emotional healing around the issues, it’s a great first step!

Did you ever wonder, why is this happening to me? These are real thoughts and feelings.

What if these occurrences are little tests to give you a  gift to purify and elevate your spiritual stamina and resilience. 

 Consciously connecting with the elements can help you to understand yourself better and provide you with a tool for creating change, balance and harmony in your life.  The fire within invites you to look within yourself and identify the gross, messy, chaotic fires that may be burning you up inside.  

This concept comes into play when I train people in the art firewalk training.  There is an initiation when the fire first sparks.  Then they have to understand the gross, messy fire.  Part of doing this requires the person to deal with the messiness that lies within themselves and to be ready to look at how fire is burning you up inside and reflecting this in all your relationships.

We all have to do the inner work to purify our chaotic, gross, aggressive fires and also when we can’t seem to ignite our own fire to bring about transformation.  When we step in and own this journey, our clarity and refinement start and the firewalking journey begins.

When you give yourself the grace, places, and space from a nurturing environment to look at the wounds, you can move through the pain and chaos and empower a transformational healing journey. 

Buddha said, “Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.”

Fire can warm and nurture us.  But it can be destructive when it gets out of control.  Fire beckons us to create beautiful clarity and align deeper to a divinity.  As we sublimate and move upward the messy fires within ourselves, we can tame the fires outside in our lives too.  


Ann Sousa

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