Healer, teacher, friend.

I have known Ann now for almost a decade. During this time she has introduced me to W. African Dagara shamanic practices, we’ve traveled to/with Shamans in Peru, and we spent time with the indigenous people of Costa Rica. With her teachings and guidance I have experienced the cleanse of fire-firewalking and the deep, deep… Read more “Healer, teacher, friend.”

Amy Rauber Patton

Ana Drexler

I am Director of Integrative Care at Portsmouth regional Hospital and organizer of monthly Wellness Series regarding Complementary and Holistic Care. We have had the pleasure of having Ann Sousa present at four sessions over the past three years. Her presentations have been well attended with excellent evaluations. After each session the community has requested… Read more “Ana Drexler”


Our visit to the Andes and the sacred sites was awe-inspiring. We met with amazing healers and nurturing wisdom keepers. Hampy Tika was the perfect environment for connecting with Pacha man and working with our medicine. From Moray to Mandor to Machu Picchu, we felt our ancestors come alive. The Twin Shamans in Chiclayo embraced… Read more “J”


Over the past 2 years I have studied with Ann Sousa participating in 2 intensive workshops the Women’s Shamanic Apprenticeship and the Diviner’s Intensive study. In addition I have also taken several other smaller workshop offerings to continue to broaden my skills and knowledge with Shamanic Energy Healing work. Ann Sousa’s approach as a facilitator… Read more “C”


Through my work with Ann I have found myself…shed layer after layer and deepened significantly my connection with spirit. This work is life-changing to say the least. Even though I have studied with her for 3 years now I know I have only just begun! She is a powerful facilitator and leads with strong but… Read more “Stefanie”


When I began my path with Ann,I really had no idea what i was choosing. What I did know very well was the FEELING of LONGING that I felt inside myself. What was I longing for? in one word, CONNECTION. Although I had experiences in my life that made me feel connected to to people,… Read more “Jen”

Anonymous 5

In the last 18 months I have been a part of two Shamanic Apprenticeships facilitated by Ann Sousa. I was unsure whether Ann would be the right teacher for me, but when she was able to open my heart during a telephone call, I understood I had found the right person to begin my studies… Read more “Anonymous 5”

Anonymous 4

I am truly blessed to be able to work with Ann. Since my journey to the Healing the Global Village LLC. I no longer take medication for depression and I am part of life again. I have been able to tap into my own healing medicine and heal some old wounds. Ann is a profound… Read more “Anonymous 4”


Ann is a multifaceted facilitator that assists individuals of all levels of experience to reach new heights and profound depths. I came to Ann as an experienced facilitator and Shamanic Practitioner. Ann assisted me in reaching parts of myself that I hardly knew existed. I was able to release thoughts, attitudes, and actions of my… Read more “WKM”

Ashe P

Ann Sousa has been a presence in my life for the past 6 yrs & her energetic signature has left a deep imprint on my energetic body in many wonderful ways. I had the good fortune to have learned the Dagara ways, at the knee of the master, Malidoma Some in 2001 but it has… Read more “Ashe P”

Diane Z

Ann has become a soul mate and a part of my soul family! Her authentic self is always present and she truly knows the value of the work that she provides… Ann is a dynamic woman who works in this physical realm and brings her gift of clear communication with Spirit to her healing process!

Anonymous 3

She is like an earth mother who is open armed to hold the container of earth medicine for all……she is an offering to all those who want to do the work of healing at their core. Not easy but always worthwhile!


Ann provided such constant and nurturing unconditional love and support in a manner that was truly healing…..seems like she held a big container of love for me to cry in and to wail at the top of my lungs, never judgement, always allowing me to react impulsively and always helping me to see my triggers… Read more “Anonymous2”

Anonymous 1

Truly, I cannot begin to express my heartfelt gratitude to my Shaman Ann, for all of the healing love that she has provided me on my grieving path following the death of my beloved spouse.
Ann came into my life at a time of complete disorganization and unraveling…. the sudden passing of my husband… Read more “Anonymous 1”