Spiritual Rituals

Request a Single, Group, or Family Puja to work through blocks or manifest dreams and visions. Includes a ceremony in the Chandaswar Ancient Chiva Temple and the 9 planet astrology with the Aarti Fire Puja, as well as a healing basket down the Mama Ganga down the Ganges River.

Inquire through text to Ann to inquire about pricing – 978-479-1335


Benefit from the spiritual vibrations of Diwali; the celebration of light prevailing over darkness.

“Where Ritual is absent, the young ones are restless or violent, there are no real elders, and the grown ups are bewildered. The future is dim.” Malidoma Patrice Some` – RITUAL.

During the course of her study with Malidoma Patrice Some` Ann was initiated as an elder of the Dagara people of West Africa. Ritual is not a practice but a daily way of life for Ann as she works to impart to the modern world that which is rooted in the Ancestral world. Ann offers a wealth of experience and guidance to assit in the integration of Ritual to strengthen the soul, the family and the community.