Energy Healer Apprenticeship

7-Month Shamanic, Elemental, Anatomy, Medicine

SEAM the ROOTS in your life!

Reset the roots of your relationship to the alchemy of the elements, passion, & compassion. For more details or to join, please contact Ann. A powerful opportunity to transform old patterns and reach for your joy and elevation! Each apprenticeship is held within a sacred circle. Together we journey to heal and be healed.

During our time together we will:

  • Join with our ancestors, a vital connection for resetting the patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us in our daily lives
  • Experience the elements of Fire, Earth, Water, Nature, and Mineral and within them create sacred rituals together as a community
  • Balance our chakras and learn core Shamanism from Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Extractions, to Shamanic Psycho-Pomp
  • Study the Dagara Cosmology,Talisman, and Divining African Medicine
  • Work to reset our vibration from scarcity and lack to shift the EN+R+GY of survival to abundance as we manifest our soul’s truth held deep within our bones and DNA

Apprenticeships are held in groups for men and women together. Being in community with a group of women in sisterhood is very nurturing and aids to sustain women’s work in the world and being in community with a group of men experiencing vision quests and a sweat lodge as you settle into the culture of the indigenous way of life is very healing and grounding and to bring this medicine together is very powerful. We will also work with drerams,vision and passion and resetting many old patterns while working with the quantum laws and the elemental anatomy of frequency and designs of your true blueprint

Bringing this evolutional transformation to your families, work, home, and to that deep place within you is vital to prevent dilution/depletion. Knowing that there is a place for you to do the deepest work you may ever experience in a safe container is my commitment to my ancestors, spirit, and you.