Soulful Mondays

Hello and welcome to Soulful Mondays. I am Ann Sousa. I am a sought-after world-renowned teacher of Shamanism and have been spiritually mentoring entrepreneurs, leaders, and healers for many years.

I am an Author, Professional Speaker, and the founder of Healing the Global Village, LLC (HGV), and the owner of the Global Firewalk Institute, LLC (GFI.) I am a Yoga and Tantra Massage Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Diviner, and have studied Indigenous Medicine from Shamans, Swanie’s, and Indigenous Grandmothers from various cultures around the world.

I truly believe that when we come together to share our stories, and journeys, with authenticity, vulnerability, and openness that we have the power to inspire, empower and support others on the path of self-discovery.

That’s why I started the Soulful Mondays podcast. I want to spark deep authentic conversations with today’s top minds in spirituality and holistic practitioners and professionals from all levels of education and walks of life.

Together we’ll bring forth the ancient wisdom of our elders to bring forth healing of the root-cause issues that are binding and blocking our gifts and happiness to bring to our world. We’re exploring spiritual medicine for modern times, in order to put the power back in people’s hands.

Join us live on Mondays at 11:11 ET on Youtube.

Come, Let’s Take a Walk.

Ann Sousa