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Ann Sousa – Keynote Speaker, Metaphysics Teacher, Healer Practitioner

Ann Sousa is a renowned spiritual teacher.  She has guided many to align with their gifts and bring their highest-level self to the world. Her profound, yet simple teachings have helped countless people apply ancient wisdom to heal in the modern-day conflict and suffering. 

As a metaphysical lecturer and teacher, from the concepts of Shamanism and earth based rituals to the quantum realms and cosmic practice of collective oneness, Ann utilizes these teachings, methodologies and philosophies to get to the root-cause of her students and clients issues. 


Ann has been initiated by several Indigenous Spiritual Technologies, from Shamans, Swamies, Gurus, Indian Vedic Priests, and Indigenous Grandmothers over the past 30 years. However, her ritualistic life started at the age of eight with her mother through the veil of death and dying, caring and crossing family members over as a Death Doula. Later Ann became a grief counselor for ten years. These practices led her to gain the level of mastery that’s allowed her to bring change in today’s world. Ann has spent the past three decades guiding students to spiritual healing through her profound insights regarding the nature of our souls.

Her work serves as a manifesto for a better way of life—and for building a better world by simply navigating through what Ann calls the dimension of the Soul’s GPS – ( Gods Programmed System) 

She has helped people throughout the globe discover and implement the full potential of their own power for personal growth and self-healing. 

With teaching from the elders, and through her ancestral teachings, Ann discovered her own path to awareness, which evolved into a deep understanding of our spirituality and the mind.  

This helped Ann to merge ancient wisdom with modern-day reality to forge a new philosophy for seekers of truth and personal authenticity.

She is the host of the Soulful Mondays podcast where top visionaries and leaders share insights for personal transformation that can be heard by all of humanity around the world.

Ann has dedicated her life to helping people to transform their lives and to experience greater freedom, true happiness, as they bring their gifts and love and service to healing the global village.

Ann’s Most Popular Program and Workshop Topics. 

  • 5D Method Co-Design your Devotional, Direction to your Desired Destiny
  • Elevate your People and Products for Bigger Profits
  • Soulful GPS
  • Leadership to Inspire Others, Build Trust, and Create a Lasting Impact with Effective Application Methods
  • Building Authentic Relationships through Remote Astral Healing, Tantra Massage for couple or individuals 
  • Fire up your Relationship with Tantra
  • Embracing your Gifts and Making a Difference 
  • Metaphysics: Life-Changing Truths For Unconventional Thinkers.
  • Self-Healing through the Laws of Quantum Healing, Numerology, Elementals.
  • Quantum Healing Practices to Heal Body, Mind, and Spirit
  • Divination Numerology, Elemental Medicine to create a state of alignment. 
  • Purify, Refine and Align
  • Healing from Grief & Loss

Virtual Programs Now Available

In response to the global pandemic, Ann will deliver any of her programs virtually via Zoom. This is a challenging and uncertain time for everyone, and we’re here to help your organization overcome this adversity together.

Want Ann to speak about a topic you don’t see listed? Just ask!

Hear are what clients are saying about Ann’s speaking. 

“Out of my 30 yrs teaching at UNH, I can attest that Ann Sousa was one of the finest guest speakers. The content of her presentations enriching and interesting.  Her presentation style is riveting, inclusive and accessible.
She has so much experience, in her own life, and internationally. I highly recommend her.”

Penelope S Morrow. PhD.