Success Stories

Happy clients tell their own stories.

Thank you Ann for the incredible healing you have brought me. I was dealing with a painful situation that was truly overwhelming. You helped me look at the dynamics of what was going on from an Elemental perspective. I am amazed by your insight and ability to help others find their path. Plus I have been listening to your Soulful Monday podcast and really loving it. Your guests share some really powerful information for these challenging times. Thank you Ann for your gifts. You are soulfully delicious.

Kristie Purner

I don’t know much about this stuff but I had a few healings with Ann and i know my life has changed ever since. It released and awakened something in me. Im now on a journey of self growth. Ann ignited that fire. I’m grateful

Kim Bellaro

I have known Ann now for almost a decade. During this time she has introduced me to W. African Dagara shamanic practices, we’ve traveled to/with Shamans in Peru, and we spent time with the indigenous people of Costa Rica. With her teachings and guidance I have experienced the cleanse of fire-firewalking and the deep, deep healings of ancestral karma. I have also come to call Ann a friend. For these, and more, I am forever grateful.
Ann is as humble and true a healer as they come. Book a session today and return to your authentic self.

Ana Drexler

Through my work with Ann I have found myself…shed layer after layer and deepened significantly my connection with spirit. This work is life-changing to say the least. Even though I have studied with her for 3 years now I know I have only just begun! She is a powerful facilitator and leads with strong but loving guidance and the willingness to share whatever she feels you are ready for. I am honored and feel very lucky to know and have studied with her and look forward to continuing my growth and with the many wonderful connections I have made through this work. Thank you Ann Love You!!


Ann Sousa has been a presence in my life for the past 6 yrs & her energetic signature has left a deep imprint on my energetic body in many wonderful ways. I had the good fortune to have learned the Dagara ways, at the knee of the master, Malidoma Some in 2001 but it has been through the friendship, mentorship & love of Ann Sousa that I have taken that wisdom into a deeper understanding of not only my own life but the life of our great mother, the Earth.

Ashe P

Ann has become a soul mate and a part of my soul family! Her authentic self is always present and she truly knows the value of the work that she provides…
Ann is a dynamic woman who works in this physical realm and brings her gift of clear communication with Spirit to her healing process!

Diane Ze