Ashe P

Ann Sousa has been a presence in my life for the past 6 yrs & her energetic signature has left a deep imprint on my energetic body in many wonderful ways. I had the good fortune to have learned the Dagara ways, at the knee of the master, Malidoma Some in 2001 but it has been through the friendship, mentorship & love of Ann Sousa that I have taken that wisdom into a deeper understanding of not only my own life but the life of our great mother, the Earth.

The medicine that I have carried & incubated for many years has not only found its way to the surface but has been expanded & sown throughout my community, now from a place of wisdom, clarity & groundedness that supercedes my consciousness. Ann has been the catalyst for this to happen in this time & place of my life & I honor Ann & all that I have learned through the teaching & work I have done with her. I have always felt a deep connection to the Ancestors which was shrouded in mystery. Through Ann the mystery has lifted & a deep sense connectiveness & understanding has anchored me in my everyday life.

I could fill pages validating the work Ann does in the world but suffice it to say, if you are afforded the opportunity to study with Ann Sousa, place your intention out to the Universe & the Universe will answer to make it happen