Over the past 2 years I have studied with Ann Sousa participating in 2 intensive workshops the Women’s Shamanic Apprenticeship and the Diviner’s Intensive study. In addition I have also taken several other smaller workshop offerings to continue to broaden my skills and knowledge with Shamanic Energy Healing work.

Ann Sousa’s approach as a facilitator is remarkable and unparalleled. She guides her students in learning the foundation in creating a sacred container that supports each student’s needs as they dive deep into the psychological dramas and structures that have depleted the energy field and manifested in mental, physical and/or spiritual facets of a students life. Students are aided in developing tracking skills to assist themselves and others as they work through the process.

My own personal experience has grown to achieving a clearer understanding of the past ancestral wounds that have played out in my life eventually bringing breast cancer to my physical realm. Ann has helped me to understand the wounds that have spanned across generations and to reset these patterns to move forward in a constructive fashion that brings a higher frequency of energy into my life force. Throughout my own personal process I have gained immense clarity which I did not posses when I began this journey.

This work is deep, profound, and challenging and can only be done in a container that holds safety, honoring and support as each student works to shed the wounds and dense energies that no longer serve a purpose in attaining their highest good. Ann brings students through this work with immense individual support through the grace and ease of her facilitation. In her own profound way Ann assists each student in reaching their desired outcomes and she never looses the humor or love in while doing the work.

The intensive groups develop a strong “soul” family along the way that supports personal transformation in a non-judging, non-suffering and non-attached fashion. It is a profound experience for any student and one that has kept me “coming home for MORE”.

As a student I have only grown immensely through my experience and work with Ann, and as I sink deeper into the medicine I only find a deeper level of knowing and a stronger confidence in my own strengths and ability as a healer.