When I began my path with Ann,I really had no idea what i was choosing. What I did know very well was the FEELING of LONGING that I felt inside myself. What was I longing for? in one word, CONNECTION. Although I had experiences in my life that made me feel connected to to people, places, and a spiritual energy, I did not have the “tools” to cultivate this on my own. It was like I was a passive participant holding onto the hope of feeling connected. I dove into working with Ann and through ceremony, rituals, meditative journeying, and divination and what I found was that I was no longer a passive participant in my spiritual process. Rather, I was fully ACTIVE and ABLE to create connection and to LIVE it with the tools that I was learning from Ann. Ann teaches PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES that draw upon both ancient wisdom and the modern world that facilitates transformation from a place of whole-healthy-healing. My time with Ann has been nothing short of profound and the evidence of that: I am fully empowered to co-create my life with the tools I have TO CONNECT. There is NO greater gift a person could give to themselves than to spend time working with Ann…..