Read what students are saying about the transformational instruction at The Global Firewalk Institute with Master Firewalker Ann Sousa.

What the Global Firewalk Institute has do for me … Its been an amazing container to diving more deeply into the understanding of Fire and my relationship with it and its relations to the whole. Bringing everything together in such a beautiful way.Doing this remote class with Ann Sousa has made the knowledge and medicine of Fire so relatable. The tools that I’ve obtained are priceless. The support has been amazing.. all awhile stretching us and allowing for us to grow within our own time and space .Honor and Gratitude to be apart of this magnificent vision that Ann has created here.


The biggest gift I received from Ann’s wisdom at GFI is how to have a deep relationship with the spirit of fire. She helped me understand how to observe myself when my inner fire is out of balance, chaotic and what to do to restore harmony. For me, working with and walking on fire with Ann is one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Truly shamanic.

Matooka Moonbear

My experience with GFI and with Ann Sousa has been nothing short of miraculous. I have been developing my relationship with fire for a few years. When Ann announced opening her own school, being a student of hers in other ways, I decided to take the next step and open my heart to the flame of god. This was a GAME CHANGER for me personally. Something sparked. And through my journey with GFI online program, my life has changed dramatically. GFI isn’t just a premier institute for global fire walking, it will transform transmute and sublimate the gross chaotic fire within in you, ultimately bringing you into alignment with your soulful self purpose and path. Ann provides insight guidance and what is unique is the business support that is given AFTER the class. GFI continues to support you in every aspect of your becoming.

Amy Bregy

My experience with Ann and the Global Firewalking Institute has brought me to a better understanding about how firewalking is more than just about walking over a fire to conquer fear – so much more is affected by the fire. Ann opens windows to the soul in understanding what that more is through her teachings. For me, the re-membering and continual refinement of my relationship with the fire element will walk with me on my journey from here onward thanks to Ann.

Michael Joyner